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Self-hypnosis is an empowering way to improve control over your thoughts, emotions, and behaviors. Much confusion is had with self-hypnosis. It is simply getting your mind in a suggestible state and delivering a message in repetition to rewire your mind from old beliefs and behaviors to the new beliefs and new behaviors you want to have.

It is a relaxing 10-20 minute audio recording with calming background music designed specifically to get your brain in the alpha brain wave (light hypnosis) and then into the theta brainwave (deep hypnosis). The self-hypnosis audio delivers repetitive keywords and messaging to help dissolve old beliefs and programs/automatic behaviors in the subconscious mind and replace them with new beliefs and programs/automatic behaviors. The rapid eye movement technique used with these hypnosis audios is one of the fastest methods to get you in a deep state of restorative hypnosis.

We witness the tribal mind creating automatic behaviors when watching an infant learn to walk. This process not only continues for the rest of our life, but many of the behaviors we have today were heavily influenced by our experiences in the first 7 years of life. Our behaviors and beliefs from our first 7 years of life set a very particular way in which we continue to interface with the world.

Unfortunately, our tribal mind continually scanning the environment through visual and verbal cues to create automatic behaviors that fit in with the tribe around us, is not always thinking logically. Our executive decision-making center of the brain, most often referred to as our pre-frontal cortex, is responsible for logical, long-term thinking, goal setting, and will-power; this part of the brain is connected mostly to our conscious mind. The limbic system, responsible for short-term thinking, impulsive decisions, and emotional responses is connected mostly to our subconscious and tribal mind. Thus, even though many of the behaviors our subconscious mind is scanning are not in our best interest, it is disconnected from the logical thinking pre-frontal cortex. It does not register that our environment and the tribe around us is promoting behaviors that are not in our best interest and works towards creating automatic behaviors that fit in.

Another issue we face is our limbic system is put into overdrive through our stress response, and our stress response is activated in many ways. Not only from stressful situations, but also from toxins in the environment, at work, in our home, in our food, from substance abuse, high amounts of caffeine, stressful events we watch or hear about on the news, on social media, in the shows we watch, and from many other things we encounter through our day to day. The world around us is often working against us and the way our mind functions, continually creating behaviors that do not serve us well, keeping us in chronic stress, with an over active limbic system making impulsive, short-term thinking decisions based on emotional responses.

Self-hypnosis helps stack the cards in your favor. A direct connection, rewiring the subconscious mind, creating behaviors that line up with the life you want. Whether you are wanting to quit alcohol, quit smoking or quit vaping, quit weed, quit using hard drugs, quit your sugar addiction or overconsuming junk food, quit using porn, draw in more wealth and financial abundance, draw in the relationships you want, take better care of yourself, develop certain habits, or get better sleep; self-hypnosis is a proven method to create lasting results.

Self-hypnosis is designed to be used in repetition. It is best to listen to the audio first thing in the morning and right before bed. However, during the day works as well when you have a few moments to sit down and relax. Successfully using self-hypnosis recordings involves listening at least once a day and doing so consecutively for 90 days or more.

We have a number of prerecorded audios to choose from along with offering custom self-hypnosis audios tailored to your unique needs. Choosing a custom self-hypnosis takes you through a questionnaire allowing Shaun to create a relaxing and powerful self-hypnosis audio using your name and all the messaging best fitted for you. To dissolve the old beliefs and automatic behaviors that no longer serve you, replacing them with those that line up with the life you want to be living.

We also have an all in one package available. Giving you access to our three guided meditations for manifestation and active healing, our two favourite breath-work exercises, and all of our pre-recorded self-hypnosis audios.

"Because of my upbringing, I'd always believed that hypnosis was a negative and unGodly thing. I have come to learn through experience that hypnosis is a much needed positive life changer. Shaun's personally tailored hypnosis reminds you of who you really are and unlocks your ability to draw in all the beautiful and uplifting things you can and will achieve in your life. Shaun's hypnosis audio personally designed for me has been truly transformative! 

I absolutely cannot recommend this enough!

This will change your life. Thank you Shaun!"

- Christine Jahani

"I love my custom hypnosis audio from Shaun. It is beautifully crafted and composed with thoughtful details that are meaningful to me. The moment I start the audio I'm able to drop in and relax, melting into the peaceful timbre of Shaun's guiding voice. Each listen takes me on its own unique inner journey.

- Kyla Courte

ÔÇťAfter coming to Shaun to work on my self-confidence and feelings of unworthiness, I'm now surrounded with exactly what I was looking for shortly after paying for his services. I've let go of the anger, resentment and judgement that was holding me back. My self-confidence, self-love and self-discipline has increased ten fold. The custom hypnosis audio was well put together, built off the information I gave with compassion and care┬áin a way that has completely changed the way I live my life. My mind thinks differently, things don't bother me anymore and I continue to draw in the relationships I wanted to draw in, far from the negative relationships I was drawing in before.

- James McDougald
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