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What People Are Saying:

Since I've joined this community, and have been internalizing the lessons from Shaun and the School of Life, I've had incredible breakthroughs in my journey towards self-love and self-esteem, along with setting new sales records at work. The experience has been nothing short of life-changing! I've already learned so much about myself and how to appreciate who I am. I'm beyond grateful for this progress and wanted to express my thanks to a community that values growth and support. Here's to growing and learning together!

-Smith Nagel

This is a masterpiece!!! Well done Shaun. With so much gratitude 🙏

-Alexis Higuera

Shaun's ability to get you thinking outside the box, in order to achieve your lifestyle goals is amazing. I am always learning from him! I am consistently gaining more confidence and continue to improve my life even after completing the program! I am so happy to have found Shaun!

-April Bodnarchuk

Following up four years after working with Shaun, he helped me realize I had a higher calling to answer and gave me the push I needed to go for it. I am now approaching three years sober and three years into my bachelor's degree and I am just getting started finally living the life I was meant to!

-Laura Haney

Thanks to Shaun I am more successful than ever, living more fulfilled and less stressed. I'm 100% sure I wouldn't have the clarity I have now if it weren't for Shaun and I would still be in the same place I was before.

-Conny Loonstra

I could write a book on how much my life has changed working with Shaun. His direction drastically changed my life and the lives of everyone around me. Since, I've now drawn in many of the things I once longed for, relationships, business, and health have never been better.

-Mike Laringer

Because of my upbringing, I'd always believed that hypnosis was a negative and unGodly thing. I have come to learn through experience that hypnosis is a much needed positive life changer. Shaun's personally tailored hypnosis reminds you of who you really are and unlocks your ability to draw in all the beautiful and uplifting things you can and will achieve in your life. Shaun's hypnosis audio personally designed for me has been truly transformative! I absolutely cannot recommend this enough! This will change your life. Thank you Shaun!

- Christine Jahani

I was in a bad place mentally, emotionally, and spiritually when I connected with Shaun. I had gotten into the habit of drinking every night so I did not have to feel the pain in my life. The depression and hopelessness became too much to bear. I wanted to quit life. I was just surviving day-to-day when I first talked to Shaun. He helped me change my approach on how I faced each day, I gained control of my thoughts and attitudes. I realized that I could let go of the pain I was dealing with and didn't need the crutch of alcohol to cover it up. I started facing each day with hope and a positive, thankful attitude and being able to create boundaries with people who were bringing me down. Now, on the other side of the discussions and guidance, I can honestly say, I do not recognize the person I was before! That isn't me anymore! I thank God for a friend who loved me enough to point me to Shaun, and for Shaun's simple but profound advice and encouragement to turn from dark and destructive thinking and habits toward positive practices.

-Michelle :D

I love my custom hypnosis audio from Shaun. It is beautifully crafted and composed with thoughtful details that are meaningful to me. The moment I start the audio I'm able to drop in and relax, melting into the peaceful timbre of Shaun's guiding voice. Each listen takes me on its own unique inner journey.

- Kyla Courte

After coming to Shaun to work on my self-confidence and feelings of unworthiness, I'm now surrounded with exactly what I was looking for shortly after paying for his services. I've let go of the anger, resentment and judgement that was holding me back. My self-confidence, self-love and self-discipline has increased ten fold. The custom hypnosis audio was well put together, built off the information I gave with compassion and care in a way that has completely changed the way I live my life. My mind thinks differently, things don't bother me anymore and I continue to draw in the relationships I wanted to draw in, far from the negative relationships I was drawing in before.

- James McDougald