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Gain The Tools, Understanding, And Support You Need!

Work with Shaun or one of our certified coaches over a 16-week program designed to have you free of any self-sabotaging behaviors, free from escapism, free from addictions, free from any past pain or trauma, free from anything holding you back; free to live the life of your dreams.
A life showing up for yourself with the strength, drive, and motivation to take on any challenge you face without the need to escape your feelings. A life conscious and free. A life full of gratitude, love, and positive energy for yourself and those around you. A healthy life of purpose, abundance, confidence, and self-control drawing in all the relationships and experiences you desire. One-on-one self-sabotage and personal development coaching includes face-to-face coaching calls over Zoom along with relationship coaching, custom exercise and nutrition plans plus self-hypnosis audios tailored to each client.

Frequently Asked Questions:

"I was in a bad place mentally, emotionally, and spiritually when I connected with Shaun. I had gotten into the habit of drinking every night so I did not have to feel the pain in my life. The depression and hopelessness became too much to bear. I wanted to quit life. I was just surviving day-to-day when I first talked to Shaun. He helped me change my approach on how I faced each day, I gained control of my thoughts and attitudes. I realized that I could let go of the pain I was dealing with and didn't need the crutch of alcohol to cover it up. I started facing each day with hope and a positive, thankful attitude and being able to create boundaries with people who were bringing me down. Now, on the other side of the discussions and guidance, I can honestly say, I do not recognize the person I was before! That isn't me anymore! I thank God for a friend who loved me enough to point me to Shaun, and for Shaun's simple but profound advice and encouragement to turn from dark and destructive thinking and habits toward positive practices."

- Michelle :D

"I am super thrilled to be writing this review. I’ve been working with Shaun for seven months now and have leveled my life tenfold. I reached out for workout/meal plan coaching. What He provided was a total package life coaching experience. From what and when to eat, the perfect combos of food that helped power my workouts (customized by him for my goals). Now over 40 pounds melted away, strong and more powerful. He taught me to have a better relationship with food, with myself and with my family. Physically, mentally and spiritually I’m a better person from his guidance and support. Which he is literally always there to help, a message away and he responds quickly. On our weekly calls we took a dive into my life and he quickly found ways to enhance myself little by little day after day. Tweaks here and there to ultimately steer my ship in the right direction,

Into the storm, to become a better man, husband, and father.

Easily the best choice I’ve made for my life was contacting Shaun Zimmer"

- Josh M

"I made a New Year resolution for 2021 that I was going to take better care of myself and be selfish as I am the one always taking care of everyone else. I had been following Shaun on Instagram for awhile. I love how honest and no bull shit kinda guy he is so when he announced he had some openings for coaching available I took that as my sign to get on the right path. And let me tell you this was the best decision I had made in a long time. Of course I wanted to lose weight but with Shaun it's much more. He helped me with my mind, body, and soul. He got me out of my comfort zone but was always there for support. I'm still learning everyday and will use the tools and resources I have to make the best version of me. I am so grateful for finding Shaun and taking that leap to better myself. I don't know if I will ever be able to express in words how much I appreciate everything Shaun has done for me. "

- Lisa Morris

"In a desperate attempt to save my marriage, I hired Shaun and gained more than I ever imagined I would! My husband and I have never been closer, even more then when we first started dating! I love my new daily routine and how it's now become a habit of mine! Smiling everyday now even through the challenges life tosses at me with my husband standing closely by my side feels amazing! God bless you Shaun!"

- Kim Benner

"Following up four years after working with Shaun, he helped me realize I had a higher calling to answer and gave me the push I needed to go for it. I am now approaching three years sober and three years into my bachelor's degree and I am just getting started finally living the life I was meant to!"

- Laura Haney

“I worked with Shaun when I didn’t know where to start. I had let myself go and Shaun helped me realize it was ok because the past is the past and we live in the now. Not only does he help you become your best but it’s so much more than that when you’re working with Shaun.

You can tell he truly cares about helping you become the best that you can be”

- Justin Pease
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