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Develop wholeness within yourself and the relationships you desire, turn your dreams into reality, a life you don’t feel pulled to escape from, elevate your physical, mental, and spiritual health, break free from what's holding you back. 

Your journey to winning and fulfillment launches to new heights here!


"Since I've joined this community, and have been internalizing the lessons from Shaun and the School of Life, I've had incredible breakthroughs in my journey towards self-love and self-esteem, along with setting new sales records at work. The experience has been nothing short of life-changing! I've already learned so much about myself and how to appreciate who I am. I'm beyond grateful for this progress and wanted to express my thanks to a community that values growth and support. Here's to growing and learning together!"

-Smith Nagel

  • Are you seeking a greater depth of understanding, wholeness, connection, health, joy, and purpose in your life?
  • Are you grappling with the sweeping changes in the world and feeling the urge to embark on meaningful transformations?
  • Ready to break free from the grip of despair, anger, division, fear, negative outlooks, and self-sabotage that's sweeping through the awakened community?
  • Do you find yourself navigating through relationship difficulties, negative focused content, grappling with loneliness and breaking free, undergoing shifts in connections during your awakening, and experiencing a sense of being "in-between lives"?
  • Do you want to attract more positive and uplifting people, shift your interactions, set healthy boundaries, move away from experiences, behaviors, and circumstances that are low vibration?
  • Are you seeking guidance on answering your higher calling, manifesting your dreams into reality, and acquiring practical tools to navigate the chaos in the world?
  • Are you ready to engage on a deeper journey of self-discovery and growth, encompassing the physical, emotional, psychological, and spiritual aspects of yourself? Align with your soul's true calling and advance to the next stage of growth, elevating your peace, happiness, success, fulfilment, and abundance, free from the pitfalls that ensnare many.

People are waking up and they need you to show up, help them get past the intermediary traps so many awakening get sucked into.

You have an important role to play during these times of change

If you are ready to answer the call, this community is for you!

The upheaval and division in the world can leave many feeling bewildered and unsettled, witnessing a swift transformation of the familiar landscape they once knew.

Simultaneously, the present holds unparalleled opportunities for growth, purpose, fulfillment, freedom, and abundance. Viewing the escalating contrast between "dark vs. light" from a broader perspective reveals its role as a catalyst, feeding the metamorphic fire essential for the evolution of humanity's awakening. Souls called to this evolution are demanded to leave old ways behind, to grow in love for themselves and the collective as one, nurturing unity.

We must actively resist external negativity while internally aligning with our true selves, activating our unique soul mission during these crucial times. Nurturing our bodies as sacred temples and making mindful choices in consumption, community, and engaging in physical, mental, and spiritual practices enhance our connection to the divine. This alignment with our highest calling widens our vision and ability to navigate the chaos, heal our pain, stay centered, loving, and whole, leading others to harness this power and break free from the traps they've become snared in.

The occult 'plays' will continue to intensify until a certain fraction of humanity transcends this fear-based manipulative, and divisive mind matrix with a broader view. This involves moving away from soul-sucking energy traps through conscious thinking, healing, holistic self-work, self-mastery, centered and faithful devotion to serving the collective. Fostering unity with solution-focused communities, rising into our divine power together, anchoring the frequency of God's love and universal consciousness.

The Best Way To Break Free School of Life and Community are here to help us do exactly that. You've been called to this page for a good reason, guided to connect and rise, embody your soul’s mission. Utilize the foundation provided here to break past obstacles, set healthy boundaries, broaden your view, strengthen your discipline, elevate your mental, physical, and spiritual health. Manifest your desired interactions, relationships, experiences, and opportunities, and connect with a community of warriors who have made the choice to answer their higher calling, do the work, rise past the traps, and support one another along the way.


The people you surround yourself with have a direct impact on the quality of life you experience. Reach new heights of fulfilment, wholeness, happiness, and success surrounded by a dynamic and supportive community of passionate, kindred spirits that fuels inspiration and growth, forming a powerful alliance that propels your aspirations to new heights. Enjoy taking part of community conversations, challenges, and developing intimate relationships with people who are actively striving to be their best and want the same for you.

School of Life Course

After a decade of meticulous refinement, our collection of 55 comprehensive lessons, paired with intricate step-by-step transformative exercises help break you free from limiting beliefs, procrastination, addictions, trauma, negative outlooks, unhealthy relationships, poor physical and mental health, and self-sabotage as a whole. Delve into understanding your mind, body, spirit, and the life you are experiencing with this step-by-step course teaching on and utilizing universal laws, cognitive behavioural therapy, neuro-linguistic programming, somatic healing, trauma release, bodily response systems, masculine and feminine energies, relationships, exercise, and nutrition to achieve optimal health, joy, fulfillment, and success, answering your highest calling, elevating every facet of your life.

Each exercise provides a neatly presented, informative, and action-oriented fillable PDF following each video lesson, providing an action plan for your continued growth and success.

Coaching Clinics

Engage with the school and community on your chosen path by participating in dynamic coaching calls. Benefit from calls diving deep into the best ways to break free and rise into all you can be, collectively workshopping techniques, and shaping your experience through personalized interactions with both coaches and topics of interest posed by you and other members within the community.

Tackling Toxins

Understanding the impact of toxins on our health, whether from our diet, beverages, skincare, or other products we use, is crucial. These toxins not only harm our physical well-being but also impair logical thinking and willpower. Activating our stress response system, they steer us towards unconscious, impulsive decisions, hindering our ability to make long-term choices for a fulfilling life. Our comprehensive guide simplifies the process, breaking down toxins step by step, offering vital information often overlooked in profit-driven environments. It empowers you to eliminate harmful elements, replace them wisely, and enhance your overall health, mood, and decision-making abilities.


With user friendly features, our app enhances communication and promotes a sense of belonging within your new community. It fosters connections and growth by providing a platform for members to engage publicly and privately, share ideas, collaborate on challenges, and access our vast library of lessons and resources.

If you prefer to use your browser, the app is not necessary to access the community, calls, challenges, chats, or recourses.

Transformation Challenges

Join a series of in depth step-by-step mind, body, soul, and relationship challenges catapulting you towards unparalleled self-mastery, success, service, and fulfilment. Join anytime on your own, or collaborate with other members to start together, helping each other with accountability and support.

Somatic Healing

Embark on a transformative journey regulating your nervous system and releasing stored pain in your body with our somatic healing and breathwork sessions. In this sacred virtual space, participants come together to explore the power of intentional breath and mindful embodiment. Led by Alyssa Stefanson, certified holistic health coach, certified somatic attachment therapy and parts work, and certified somatic breath work practitioner, the sessions weave breathwork practices with somatic healing techniques, fostering a deep connection between mind and body.

As you immerse yourself in the rhythmic flow of breath, tensions release, and a sense of calm permeates, creating a space for personal healing and self-discovery. Join community members committed to continuous renewal, where the simple act of conscious breathing becomes a profound tool for wellness and self-care. Sessions are available live and on-demand for your convenience along with an in depth step-by-step Somatic Healing course to get you started on the right path utilizing this powerful healing process.

Soul Resurgence

Join Shaun every month for an immersive and exclusive live discussion held within the School of Life. Together, we delve into the depths of reality, lifting the veil to explore our ongoing journey toward spiritual enlightenment. Unraveling the mysteries encoded in ancient texts, shamanic practices, and the remnants of ancient civilizations, we fearlessly challenge dogmatic views, laying bare the concealed occult forces set out to mislead, divide, and control.

With a shared commitment to dismantling the divisive barriers of egocentric thinking, religion, and fear, this collective embarks on a mission to expose spiritual traps and foster profound unity in the pursuit of truth. The discussion ends with an open Q&A, encouraging participants to challenge beliefs and deepen their spiritual connection, letting go of attempts to bend truth around perception.

Exercise & Nutrition

Delve into comprehensive insights on current nutritional hurdles, uncover impactful solutions, and tap into a rich repository of resources encompassing nutrition and exercise programs covering at home, outdoor, and in the gym workouts. Don’t see an exercise program that works for you? Let our team know and we will create one around your unique needs, put your name on it, and add it to the library for you and all members to enjoy!


Take advantage of the profound transformative power hypnosis, access our full library of self-hypnosis recordings where Shaun's powerful and soothing voice guides you through a transformative 15 minutes, reshaping your mindset to align with your higher calling by replacing limiting beliefs and behaviors. Experience the swift and effective inductions of Rapid Transformational Therapy (RTT) for a rapid journey into the healing and metamorphic potentials of hypnosis.

Self-Sabotage Masterclass

This 8-hour Self-Sabotage Masterclass, broken up into 5 lessons is designed for those wanting to understand self-sabotage and break free for good! Heal past pain, redefine their life, live in a continuous state of gratitude, drawing in the life of their dreams, and as well for coaches looking to help their clients reach new levels of success. $80 masterclass included within your membership!

Team Support

As a valued community member, you enjoy exclusive access to our team, receiving personalized assistance, tailored engagement, and outreach support.

This isn’t just a community, it’s a family!

Ready for better health and relationships, more success, freedom, and fulfillment in your life?

"Thanks to Shaun I am more successful than ever, living more fulfilled and less stressed. I'm 100% sure I wouldn't have the clarity I have now if it weren't for Shaun and I would still be in the same place I was before."

-Conny Loonstra

"Following up four years after working with Shaun, he helped me realize I had a higher calling to answer and gave me the push I needed to go for it. I am now approaching three years sober and three years into my bachelor's degree and I am just getting started finally living the life I was meant to!"

-Laura Haney

"I am loving all the information and lessons provided, very eye opening! This community and Shaun's guidance may be the best thing that's ever happened to me! Loving all the positivity and support with everyone reaching out to me and offer additional guidance and support. Couldn't be happier with my decision to join!"

-Chad Vandale

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  • Exercise Programs
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  • Tackling Toxins Guide
  • Self-Sabotage Masterclass
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"Shaun's ability to get you thinking outside the box, in order to achieve your lifestyle goals is amazing. I am always learning from him! I am consistently gaining more confidence and continue to improve my life even after completing the program! I am so happy to have found Shaun!"

-April Bodnarchuk