We are all being called to rise, become our best, be present, allow our hearts to openly give and receive, and fulfill a higher calling. Life throws many challenges at us to help with this process. The outlook we take and the decisions we make are a direct result of where we find ourselves and the challenges we continue to face.


  •  Fear
  •  Confusion
  •  Control
  •  Trauma
  •  Emptiness
  •  Depression
  •  People projecting their pain
  •  Addictions
  •  Toxic food
  •  Unhealthy relationships
  • ”Inflation”
  •  Propaganda and advertising pushing divide, consumerism, and substance abuse

It can be difficult to rise into this calling and overcome our challenges instead of trying to drown them out.

What is The Best Way To Break Free? Above all else, to feel whole. Love yourself and others fully, live in the moment, aligned with your highest calling, answering God's calling.

This is our mission at TBW-TBF: helping everyone achieve this success, freedom, and fulfilment. We provide the awareness, understanding, tools, and support to embark on a path that leads to wholeness, love, lasting success, freedom, and profound fulfillment.

  •  Having a purposeful mission
  •  Fully facing our challenges
  •  Being part of a supportive community
  •  Healing and redefining trauma
  •  Breaking free from addictions
  •  Healthier eating
  •  Physical exercise
  •  Mental health exercises
  •  Shifting our perspective
  •  Practicing forgiveness
  •  Setting healthy boundaries
  •  Helping others
  •  Connecting with The Creator, however you define that
  •  Getting in alignment with the life we desire

These are some of the most impactful ways to consistently live up to our higher calling in every moment.



Understanding the intricacies of our minds, bodies, and the universal laws guiding our world lays a robust foundation for crafting our desired life. Examining the interplay between our prefrontal cortex, limbic system, tribal mind, and the mechanisms of our nervous system—reward-based and fear-based learning—reveals essential insights often overlooked in the pursuit of success. Our surrounding community possesses the power to elevate our aspirations at both conscious and subconscious levels, transforming societal conditioning into a catalyst that propels our thoughts, feelings, actions, and results to new heights of fulfillment.

Our susceptibility to our surroundings is profound!

Our choice of company, the content we absorb, and even the subtle elements our subconscious registers all wield an influence often underestimated.

The Best Way To Break Free Life Community and Coaches Community provide the optimal environment for consistently reaching peak states, accelerating growth, fulfilling aspirations, and maintaining the ability to stay on the path to our higher calling.

The average person typically operates in their conscious mind only 5% of the time, processing around 40-50 bits of information per second. The remaining 95% is governed by the subconscious mind, shaped by automatic behaviors formed through repetition and environmental influences. While the subconscious mind scans over 10 million bits of information per second, its primary purpose is to ensure survival and integration within a community.

In the contemporary world, this automated process may yield unfavorable results when individuals aren't actively engaged in a positive, goal-oriented community. Delving into the realm of subconscious scanning goes beyond conventional logical reasoning, emphasizing the importance of immersing oneself in a community of positivity, goal orientation, and driven individuals. This phenomenon is amplified by the limbic system, our impulsive and emotional response center, activated by stressors ranging from environmental toxins and dietary choices to workplace and home life stress.

Despite these behaviors triggering an unhealthy stress response, individuals often adopt them to fit in with their social groups. The limbic system, designed for short-term thinking and emotional responses, urges behaviors that align with the tribe for perceived survival. This pattern starts early in life, as seen in an infant learning to walk and talk, emulating its tribe to ensure acceptance and survival.

In the contemporary landscape, there exists a gap between the instinctive reactions of the limbic system and the prefrontal cortex's role in long-term thinking, reasoning, goal setting, and willpower. While arranging your environment to support impulsive decisions that match your desired manifestations, it's crucial to offset dependence on impulsive decisions. Activate the prefrontal cortex by employing logical, long-term thinking—especially when confronted with stress and societal expectations. Actively participating in and connecting with the right community further enhances your chances of success in this regard.


Explore the depths of our tribal mind, delve into the intricacies of the nervous system, decipher stress responses, unravel the dynamics of reward and fear-based learning. Examine the interplay of feminine and masculine energies, understand the impact of traumatic events, and dissect the mechanisms of addiction. Navigate the universal laws that shape our world, whether viewed through the lens of divine creation or not. This holistic understanding forms the foundation of The Best Way To Break Free, complemented by 55 core lessons and exercises to transform your life and the community to support every step of the process.

This comprehensive structure goes beyond mere healing and self-mastery, guiding you to redefine pain and experiences, dissolve limiting beliefs, and adopt a fresh outlook on life. For some, the initial  focus may be breaking free from the shackles of procrastination and addictions— whether it’s smoking, vaping, alcohol, marijuana, junk food, TV, social media, porn, or anything else getting in their way, leaving underachievement in the past. Reprogram your subconscious to align with conscious desires despite external pressures. Ascend beyond lower states of living to grasp a conscious understanding of your highest calling. Tailored to individual starting points, our academies support diverse journeys, addressing unique needs at each stage.

For others who have already overcome these obstacles, applied knowledge is power. You may have your focus set on growing your business to new heights, starting a new business, repairing relationships, drawing in desired connections, turning material goals into manifested reality, or accelerating your spiritual growth. The comprehensive training, resources, community, and step-by-step transformational challenges that TBW-TBF offers will guide you to your desired destination. Both academies open doors to new potentials, embracing a higher calling and embarking on a journey towards a more fulfilling and joyous life, reveling in the freedom it brings.

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