What's the best way to break free? 

Above all else, put God first and become whole. Living without fear, worry, shame, or resentment. Loving unconditionally with an open heart, living in the moment, trusting God and sharing your glorious testimony in His name as you follow His call, helping the world conquer fear with love and faith.

School of Life

Unlock profound personal growth with the School of Life Community, app, challenges, coaching calls, online programs, audio library, and 55 comprehensive video and written lessons, accompanied by intricate step-by-step transformative exercises, designed to elevate your life in every area.


Surround yourself with kindred spirits in a community that fuels inspiration and growth, forming a powerful alliance that propels your aspirations to new heights.

Transformation Challenges

Join a series of mind, body, business, and relationship challenges catapulting you towards unparalleled self-mastery, success, and fulfilment.

Coaching Clinics

Live coaching calls to delve deeply into and collaboratively workshop the challenges life presents us. 

Tackling Toxins

Understanding the impact of toxins on our health, whether from our diet, beverages, skincare, or other products we use, is crucial. These toxins not only harm our physical well-being but also impair logical thinking and willpower. Activating our stress response system, they steer us towards unconscious, impulsive decisions, hindering our ability to make long-term choices for a fulfilling life. Our comprehensive guide simplifies the process, breaking down toxins step by step, offering vital information often overlooked in profit-driven environments. It empowers you to eliminate harmful elements, replace them wisely, and enhance your overall health, mood, and decision-making abilities.


With user friendly features, our app enhances communication and promotes a sense of belonging within your new community. It fosters connections and growth by providing a platform for members to engage, share ideas, access resources, and collaborate on challenges.

Team Support

Tailored assistance, personalized engagement, and outreach support to increase your success.

Exercise and Nutrition

Explore profound insights into contemporary nutritional challenges, discover effective solutions, and access an extensive library of resources on nutrition and exercise to share with friends, family, and clients.


Explore our array of pre-recorded audio options where Shaun's powerful and soothing voice guides you through a transformative 15 minutes, reshaping your mindset to align with your higher calling by replacing limiting beliefs and behaviors. Full audio library found within the School of Life.

Online Programs

Tailored video programs and downloadable worksheets designed to overcome the obstacles you're facing in all areas of life, access all of our online programs within the School of Life.

One-on-One Coaching

Enhance your journey to success by engaging in personalized, face-to-face video calls and text support with a Certified TBW-TBF Coach, a more intimate approach to help you overcome challenges and achieve new heights in every aspect of your life, ultimately guiding you to connect closer to God (however you currently define that higher power).

Do you feel you are being called to something greater?

A greater amount of love? To do more with your life? To be more? To give back more? To create healthier relationships? To live each second in a greater state of happiness, gratitude, and fulfillment? To rise above shame, regret, and resentment? It’s a calling everyone feels, unfortunately, most drown it out with fear, limiting beliefs, procrastination, the wrong support systems, consumerism, useless content consumption, substance abuse, and many other self-sabotaging behaviours.

If you’re aware of this calling and want to rise into it, we are here to help you. Whether you need help breaking free from self-sabotaging behaviors, fear, depression, limiting beliefs, unhealthy relationships, wanting to connect closer to God, develop stronger faith, master the carnal mind and temptations, or heal and open your heart; the lessons, methods, community, challenges, and exercises provided here will change you, helping you break past whatever barriers are getting in your way from living up to your full potential. We will help you enjoy each moment to the fullest, becoming and feeling whole, living a fulfilling and joyful life of abundance, enjoying healthy relationships and a continued experience you are grateful for.

"I could write a book on how much my life has changed working with Shaun. His direction drastically changed my life and the lives of everyone around me. Since, I've now drawn in many of the things I once longed for, relationships, business, and health have never been better." 

-Mike Laringer

"Following up four years after working with Shaun, he helped me realize I had a higher calling to answer and gave me the push I needed to go for it. I am now approaching three years sober and three years into my bachelor's degree and I am just getting started finally living the life I was meant to!"

-Laura Haney

"Thanks to Shaun I am more successful than ever, living more fulfilled and less stressed. I'm 100% sure I wouldn't have the clarity I have now if it weren't for Shaun and I would still be in the same place I was before."

-Conny Loonstra


Shaun Zimmer, a devoted man of God, follower of Christ, seasoned coach in addictions, relationships, and personal development, initially forged his path in exercise and nutrition in 2005. After facing the grip of depression following a series of traumatic events, Shaun transitioned from focusing on the body to delving into the intricacies of the mind and social conditioning. Overcoming his own struggles with addiction and depression, he answered God's call and embarked on a mission to assist others find wholeness and greater heights of success, ultimately connecting closer with God. For over a decade, Shaun has achieved this through public speaking, community building, online programs, personalized coaching, and now training a new generation of coaches to expand their reach and impact.

Initially drawing inspiration and techniques from industry luminaries, now with God's direction he has set out on the adventure of his life to change the world. He has crafted a compelling series of online programs and seminars within the School of Life, employing a blend of Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT), Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP), Somatic Healing, Exercise and Nutrition, Hypnotherapy, and ultimately the teachings of Christ for those ready to absorb them. His approach empowers you to triumph over limiting beliefs, procrastination, trauma, depression, self-sabotage, addictions, relationship issues, the struggles of answering your highest calling, and most importantly fear.

Click below for a few words from Shaun!

Our Mission

"I was in a bad place mentally, emotionally, and spiritually when I connected with Shaun. I had gotten into the habit of drinking every night so I did not have to feel the pain in my life. The depression and hopelessness became too much to bear. I wanted to quit life. I was just surviving day-to-day when I first talked to Shaun. He helped me change my approach on how I faced each day, I gained control of my thoughts and attitudes. I realized that I could let go of the pain I was dealing with and didn't need the crutch of alcohol to cover it up. I started facing each day with hope and a positive, thankful attitude and being able to create boundaries with people who were bringing me down. Now, on the other side of the discussions and guidance, I can honestly say, I do not recognize the person I was before! That isn't me anymore! I thank God for a friend who loved me enough to point me to Shaun, and for Shaun's simple but profound advice and encouragement to turn from dark and destructive thinking and habits toward positive practices." 

-Michelle :D

"I came to Shaun to get a handle on how much I was using cannabis to escape. Almost everything in my life changed after a few months. Developing a healthy relationship with cannabis was a success. More importantly, developing a healthier relationship with my wife and kids came as an unexpected bonus. Not just from showing up more to face my feelings without escaping, but gaining the ability to express myself more, make myself more available to my family, more grounded enjoying each moment, enjoying the little things instead of letting worrying and negative thinking take that away from me. My procrastination has disappeared. Shaun's ability to change the way your mind works and help you show up like never before is something I think most people can greatly benefit from. I'm now excited for each moment and ones ahead instead of walking around under a dark cloud." 

-Jeff Hanson

"I never wanted to admit that weed was slowing me down but I knew it was. I had a love and hate relationship with it for years. Finally after working with Shaun to help work on my relationship and business goals, he gave me some exercises and direction that allowed me to really see how my marijuana use was impacting my life. I decided I only wanted to consume it on special occasions and we got to work. The methods Shaun used shifted my perspective and desire to use along with a-lot more that helped me develop a healthier relationship with everything in my life, weed, food, friends, business, and my boyfriend. I absolutely recommend Shaun to anyone looking to rise up in life and enjoy more happiness, peace, and abundance."

-Michelle Funk

"Shaun's ability to get you thinking outside the box, in order to achieve your lifestyle goals is amazing. I am always learning from him! I am consistently gaining more confidence and continue to improve my life even after completing the program! I am so happy to have found Shaun!"

-April Bodnarchuk

"I originally quit smoking using Allen Carrs easy way to quit smoking, then I picked up vaping. This program took it home, similar to Allen Carrs method but more in depth with exposing the hidden truth and brainwashing alongside providing more options to choose from. I quit vaping before I got to the last lesson and have not missed it since!"

-Jessica Taylor

"My entire family thanks you for helping me quit smoking Shaun. Feels real good knowing I am leading a much better example now for my children. Now time to tackle alcohol. I am feeling much more pulled towards living a healthier lifestyle. I feel this program is a big contributing factor to that."

-Alex Russo

"The thought of me being a non-smoker sounded impossible, I've smoked for 20 years, very heavily for 15 years. It is was so easy to quit smoking! This program is freaking amazing! I am so grateful for Shaun, thank you man!"

-Mike Traina

"In a desperate attempt to save my marriage, I hired Shaun and gained more than I ever imagined I would! My husband and I have never been closer, even more then when we first started dating! I love my new daily routine and how it's now become a habit of mine! Smiling everyday now even through the challenges life tosses at me with my husband standing closely by my side feels amazing! God bless you Shaun!"

-Kim Benner

"I thought I was doing myself a favor switching to chewing tobacco after quitting smoking. What I learnt in this program blew my mind! Quit all together! Enough said."

-Derrick Moore

There is a higher calling waiting for you