Self-Sabotage Masterclass

For individual use & for coaches:

This 8-hour Self-Sabotage Masterclass, broken up into 5 lessons is designed for those wanting to break free from all self-sabotage for good! Heal past pain, redefine their life, live in a continuous state of gratitude and abundance, draw in the life of their dreams, and as well for coaches looking to help their clients reach new levels of success.



  • Have you or anyone you know felt like there is a hidden force that drives self-sabotaging behaviors
  • Troubles staying consistent and doing what you know you should be doing?
  • Ever get past one self-sabotaging behavior only to replace it with another?
  • Pick up one healthy habit and shortly after pick up an unhealthy one?
  • Trouble getting past any addictions?
  • Does it seem like you or someone you know has an addictive mindset?
  • Lacking willpower?
  • Lacking confidence?
  • Burdened with negative emotions, outlooks, relationships, or other circumstances that keep coming your way?
  • Difficulties drawing in the relationships, wealth, and life you want?
  • Expand your understanding of the mind, the Psychology of Self-Sabotage, and the best ways to break free from it with this 8-hour Masterclass broken up into 5 lessons.

This is content you won’t see available publicly. Diving to the deepest depths of self-sabotage and ways to create the best life one can have. Whether it’s for you personally, a family member, or a friend or to better serve your clients; you’ll be thanking yourself after taking this Masterclass. 

"Incredible content, mind blowing honestly. So much good information for being more intentional to create the life I desire. I've watched it a couple times, 3 weeks sober this weekend!"

-Serina Bell

"This masterclass exceeded my expectations. It provided a lot of information and insightful strategies to break free from self-sabotaging behavior. Understanding our behaviors and developing healthy habits is vital to growing our physical, mental, and spiritual strength. I am now more careful with my thoughts and energy in order to attract positive experiences, and to cultivate a mindset that nurtures my overall well-being and success."

-Ennilee Anulao

"This is a fantastic masterclass"

-Dani Misuraca




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  • This changes the game
  • Let go of your past
  • Redefine the present
  • Attract what you want
  • Live your best life now
  • Unlimited access